Berkeley Lake Bass Tournament Results – 1998 


On Tuesday, as I watched the weather predictions I was pleased that rain was expected that night and also Friday morning.  Saturday morning was supposed to be “partly cloudy” with a high in the low sixties. I figured good fishing in a “stained” lake even though a cold front was coming through.   I did not expect severe thunderstorms and tornadoes into the night on Friday and a very cold Saturday.   

                This was our sixth year and eleven boats participated.  The day was windy, overcast and it got cooler as the morning went on.   In the first hour my partner and I "boated" one fish and lost a couple others.  It was cold, so we made a short stop at the house for coffee, coats and gloves.  We caught over a dozen fish in the next three hours.  Our boat never made it to the “Dam” end of the lake because of the wind and waves.    Despite the cool weather conditions, the participants caught and released over 100 fish.

Cash prizes were awarded for the Biggest Bass and the two heaviest Stringers of three Bass. 

                The Big Fish, caught by Stu Davidson, weighed 3-lb. 12 oz.   Gordon Gearhart’s fish was 2 lb. 8 oz.  Tom Dyer had a few large Bass; his biggest was 3-lb. 3 oz.  The heaviest stringer went to Fisherman Tom  and Mark Warner, weighing 9-lb. 3 oz.  Stu Davidson and Daron Strub’s stringer was 6 lb. 2 oz.  Shawn McNew and Keith Thurman’s three Bass was an even five pounds while Shawn McDougal and Wayne Maynard’s was 4 lb. 14 oz.   Brother’s Rich Thompson and Tom Herring’s stringer was 4 lb. 11oz. 

                Everyone caught Fish.  Other participants were Chris Holben, David and Garrett Hicks, Jim Alexander, Paul Woschula, Tom Peters, Rich Davies, Dan and Joe Hendryx, plus Wayne and Fran Mitch.

Everyone had a good time, although a few expressed that I should ask for better weather next year.                               

                                                                                                Good Fishing, 

                                                                                                                Stu Davidson