The 1st annual Lake Lanier Bass Fishing Tournament was held on Saturday April 16th.  We had eleven boats with twenty seasoned fisher-people. Although the Farmers Almanac said it was a good day to fish, the Bass did not cooperate.  The sky was bright, the day was cold and windy making artificial lure fishing extremely tough.   The big fish must have gone deep as they did not make an appearance at the weigh-in.

David Stone and his father-in-law caught and released nine Bass, all shorter than the 12 inch minimum length.  Tony Exall fished with Rappy Williams who caught the largest Bass of the morning at 1.5 pounds.  Daron Strub and Stu Davidson had the heaviest stringer of three at three pounds.  Joe and Mark Hensonís three fish weighed two and half pounds. Bill Jones spent four and a half hours fishing around the silo but came in fishless.  Other teams were Mike Wiley, Dick Locke, Jim Bicklehaupt, Matt Clark, John Holt, Tim Edwards, Danny Owens, Roy Williams, Bruce Carlson, Scott Owens,  Rupert and Penny Hodges.

Thanks to all participants for their enthusiasm!  There have been numerous large Bass caught and released this year just not during the tournament.  We may move the date a few weeks later in the spring of 2006. The rules, results and photos of this and past years tournaments are the Internet, click here.

Good Fishing, Stu Davidson

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