Lake Lanier Bass Fishing Tournament 2008 Results


   Saturday May 17th was the fourth annual Bass Fishing Tournament here at Lake Lanier.   There were ten boats registered by the 8 PM Friday Deadline. The "all artificial lure" tournament started with high expectations at 7:30 AM Saturday.    The goal for each boat was to catch four bass over 12 inches long, one big fish and a stringer of three.   I introduced the fishermen, went over the rules and sent the ten boats in search of Bass for the noon weigh-in.  

     The people that live on the first basin fish the third, those on the third fish the first and the second folks have a choice.   My fishing partner Daron Strub and I motored “up the creek” on the shallow end of the third and drifted back.  Daron caught our only keeper Bass early near “Camp Firewater” on a plastic worm under a Dock.    For the next four hours we tried a variety of lures and worm colors.  Our main technique is skipping weed-less rigged worms far under boathouses and docks.

    Lake Lanier absorbs ten boats well.  There were times that boats were log jammed and others that it’s seemed we were the only ones fishing.  The other fishermen were having the same problem as us.  Bass would pick up and move the worm, but not swallow it.  Under a dock, they would go around a piling and leave the hook imbedded in the wood.  Setting the treble hook on a top-water or diving lure resulted in quick releases.  

    As it approached 11 O’clock and then neared noon, twenty frantic fishermen were throwing every weapon in the tackle box trying to catch one Large Bass for the top cash prize. 

    At the 12 noon weigh-in, the largest Bass was smaller than the 2007 candidate. Rupert Hodges presented a 1 pound 2 ounce Bass taking home $50.   Daron Strub’s was 1 lb 1 oz and Mike Rathburn’s was one pound.  The Jones boys (Bill and Dan) tied with Bruce Carlson & Scott Owens for the heavy stringer of three Bass at 2 pounds 4 ounces.  These two teams split $50, the combined 2nd and 3rd place awards.  Brandon Justice & David Stone were right behind at 2 lb 2 oz. Ed Justice and Charlie Miller’s trio was 1 lb 11 oz.  Mike and Doug Rathburn’s threesome was 1 lb 8 oz.   

    Additional teams included Bob Justzi & Mike Wiley, Denton & Dan Ayers, plus Joe & Mark Henson. Bob Brightwiser fished with Rupert Hodges.  There are large bass in Lake Lanier, they just chose to not participate again in the tournament. 

    Most of the tournament participants’ fish in the evening, due to daytime commitments.  The Jones brothers caught and released about 70 Bass during their evening outings over the past few weeks. About eighteen were over 12 inches.    At the tournament Weigh-in, ways to improve the fish size was discussed.  Some say the small Bass should be harvested and others that stocking baitfish would help.  The discussion will continue.   Mark your calendars for the 3rd Saturday of May 2009 for the fifth L.L.B.F.T.  The rules, results and photos of this and past years tournaments are the Internet, click here.

                                            Good Fishing,   Stu Davidson

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