Lake Lanier Bass Fishing Tournament 2009 Results


            On Saturday May 16th sixteen dedicated fishermen and one dog took to our waters in search of any Bass over the 12 inches.  In recent times, catching Bass over this tournament minimum has become very difficult.  Although there are larger Bass in Lake Lanier, it takes being in the right spot at the right time to bring in a bigger fish with an Artificial Lure.  For example, the Jones boys had fished each night for the past two weeks.  Of the seventy fish they boated, only three were over 12 inches.  Bill and visiting brother Dan fared better the day of the LLBFT.  

            At the high noon weigh-in, each boat is to bring a maximum of four fish, including a stringer of three and their largest for the Big Fish entry.  This year each boat produced fish, some were a fraction over the minimum, but they counted.  Most Boats were equipped with aerated fish tanks, coolers and water filled tubs, much better temporary quarters for the fish than a stringer.   

            It’s been a wet spring, Saturday was no exception.  Sometimes the fishing is better before or in the rain, a weather change can bring out the fish.  At the 7:30 start the eight boats scattered to their favorite spots under dry warm conditions.  In the 1st hour, we caught two keepers just down from Camp Firewater on the 3rd basin.  By the time we trolled to the Birdhouses, it started to mist.  I refused to put on my poncho and kept fishing, trying a new secret weapon, the “Zappu Flickshake”.  I should have stuck with the Senko Worm, as we missed a few,  fishing the narrows.  Daron alternated the worm and a top water Zara-Spook landing a few smaller fish.   As it misted harder, we fished the former Parks Point and around the banked curve, boathouses towards the 1st Basin.   We still had the two fish, catching and releasing undersized fish. Rats! 

            Towards 11 we motored to the Dam, it started to pour and continued for a half an hour.  The Jones boys found cover in their boathouse.  Ed Justice had a white towel over his head.  We had Ponchos, otherwise would have been drenched. Still with two keepers, we fished past the Tea House and into Little Italy.  As noon approached the Sun was out, we caught four smaller fish but headed in as fishing time was up.  It was time to weigh the fish!  

            Denton and Diane Ayers produced a super foursome, the largest Bass weighing almost two pounds and their other three right at three pounds.  Ed Justice and Charlie Miller fished hard for their three Bass at two pounds, nine ounces.  Bob Jutzi and Tennessee Mike Wiley’s three were two ounces less.  Bill and Dan Jones trio was two pounds two ounces.  Tying with two pounds each was the teams of Bruce Carlson/Bill Squires and Brian/Andy Dykes. Dick and Richie Locke, Daron Strub and myself had fun, but less eligible fish.  The Ayers took home $40 for the Big Fish plus $26 for the heavy stringer.  Ed and Charlie came out ahead with $14 for the 2nd stringer.   

            After the weigh-in, we discussed the lake and fishing.  The weeds are getting thicker.  Tryon’s Grass Carp have their work cut out for them.  A large number of them work the 3rd basin; I’m trying to lure them other ends of the lake.  It’s tough as we just have weeds to offer.  The fishing seems a little better, but where are the big fish?  I’ve heard of some 5-10 pounders caught and released this year, but don’t see as many cruising my shoreline.  Maybe we need more baitfish, maybe not.  I’d like to have someone analyze our lake and make suggestions.  If anyone has contacts at the state, county or a college that could assist, please let me know.  We’ll have another tournament next year the 3rd weekend of May. The rules, results and photos of this and past years tournaments are the Internet, click here. .

Good Fishing, Stu Davidson