Lake Lanier 2010 Bass Fishing Tournament Results


As High Noon approached on Saturday May 22nd, the Fish in Lake Lanier had seen every shape and color plastic worm or crank bait created by man. Thirteen Boats had set out at 7:30 AM from the Davidson dock in search of Bass over the tournament’s minimum length of twelve inches. The two person teams included seasoned fishermen and Lake Lanier rookies.   

It was a great day to fish, cool, misty at first with a slight breeze to push the boats along while we cast.  After the first half hour of the tournament, there was no shore or favorite spot that had not been fished by someone.  My “front gunner” and I did well out of at first, catching two keeper Bass down by Camp Firewater and the Birdhouses.  The next two hours were pretty quiet as we worked our way fishing the boathouses and banks all the way to the first basin.   We motored back near the boat landing where fishing picked up and we caught another tournament eligible bass before heading in for the noon weigh-in. 

The fishing results are like the past five years.  The $50 first prize “Big Fish” was caught by Charlie Miller and netted by Ed Justice; it weighed one and a half pounds.  Fishermen Bob Jutzi and Mike Wiley’s was an ounce less, mine was two under. The majority of fish caught by all were the ten inch long Bass commonly referred to as “Lake Lanier Lunker’s”.  Dan Jones did catch a nice size “Crappie” with a colorful spinner bait.

 Daron Strub and I took the 2nd prize ($40) with our stringer of three Bass at three pounds and four ounces.  Brandon Justice and his friend Kevin produced a nice threesome weighing two pounds eleven ounces for $30.  Bob and Mike got their money back for the fourth place prize with two pounds nine ounces.     One ounce behind them was Jim Bickelhaupt and Scott Stapleton.  Bruce Carlson and Joe Tomko weighed in at two pounds four ounces.  Diane and Denton Ayers (last year’s champs) were close behind at one and six ounces.     

The rest of the crews included Bill and Dan Jones, Andy and Brian Dykes (aka Team Stump Knocker), Scott Owens, Joel Wilson, Nick Reinhardt, Zach Carter, Daniel Horton, Mark Burrell, Ricky Covil and Phillip Culbreth.   

Bob Jutzi lost a prospective Tournament record as it danced and spit his Jerk Bait in the narrows just before the noon weigh-in.  Their largest fish jumped ship and made it back into the lake as he was being placed back in their live well.  The Bickelhaupt grandchildren assisted with releasing the Bass into the Lake. The tournament was a success; we’ll do it again next year hopefully with some larger Bass participants.  For some reason, fishing around my dock is always good for a few days after the tournament. 

The rules, results and photos of this and past years tournaments click here.

                                     Good Fishing, Stu Davidson