Tenth Annual Lake Lanier Bass Fishing Tournament Results

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On May 3rd, 2014, a record fourteen boats (28 fisher people) scattered in all different directions from our dock at 7:30 AM.  It was a sunny beautiful day, the only obstacles for the day were the wind and finding Bass over the minimum of 12 inches.   Lake Lanier absorbed the boats quickly as each went to their favorite fishing spots. 

Our 2014 strategy was to hit the holes where we’d previously hooked larger fish.  It was a good idea, but as the morning wore on, we’d boated a dozen of the usual 11 and ¾ inch Bass.  We finally landed two just over 12 inches in the last hour. Most of the other boats faired about the same, those that caught Bass measured them to be short and released them.  A few larger bass got away, so the stories went.   We all used every imaginable artificial worm and lure, per the tournament rules.

It was interesting that when Danny Owens paid his boats $10 fee, he kiddingly asked for the complimentary bag of magic worms.  Danny and Eric apparently found the magic formula as they appeared at the weigh-in with two large Bass, weighing 3.6 and 2.8 pounds.   The next closest Bass was just under a pound.

The team of Danny Owens and Eric Strand took home $50 for the Big Bass.

The next three prizes were for heavy stringers of three Bass, but no other team presented more than two keeper Bass.  Danny and Eric received $40 for their stringer of 3.5 pounds.   Daron Strub and Stu Davidson’s twosome were only 1.8 pounds for $30, while the Brian and Andy Dykes stringer of one as .95 pounds for $20.   Mike Hannon and Grandson Travis caught a Bass weighing .9 pounds which tied just out of the money with the Jones boys Bass of .9 pounds.

Other participants were Bill & Dan Jones, Bob Jutzi, Mike Wiley, Ned  & Rutledge Workmen, Scott Owens, Joel Wilson, Doug & Mike Rathburn, Bradley Rathburn, Denver Mullins, Ed Justice, Charlie Miller, Jim Bickelhaupt, Scott Stapleton, John Prass and Cathy Davis.

The rules, results and photos of this and past years tournaments are the Internet, click here. Good Fishing, Stu Davidson