Lake Lanier (2016) Bass Fishing Tournament Results

Stu Davidson


On Saturday May 7th at the 7:30 AM start, eight boats of fourteen guys, one gal and a fish finding dog named Lux scattered from our dock.  My bass boat motor was acting up, so along with a hundred “Zoom Trick” worms, we were armed with cans of starting fluid and carburetor cleaner.   Daron and I sputtered down to the third basin and boated seven fish, three keepers (barely over 12 inches), by 8:30 AM.  Then we came up empty as we skipped plastic worms under boathouses on the landing side.   As we encountered other teams, we moved to the second basin, starting at the Oar House we fished back to my dock.   We developed a good technique of leaning to spray the starter fluid while turning the boat key.  With an hour left, we trolling motored into Little Italy, still looking for an eighth fish.  By noon a few splashes and bites but no more fish.


In little Italy we watched as Zack Blosser precisely cast, then crouched, just defying a fish to take his bait.  Near a standalone boat house Zack set the hook and reeled in the eventual tournament’s largest bass of about two pounds.  


At $10 per boat, entry fees totaled $80, so prizes were $40 for the largest bass, $30 for the heavy stringer and $10 for the 2nd heaviest trio.    At the noon weigh-in three boats had stringers of three.   Daron Strub and myself, tied with Andy and Brian Dykes for the heavy stringer of three at almost two pounds.   Bill and Dan Jones’s threesome were out of the money at a pound and half.  Zack Blosser took home $40 to buy more tackle!


Other teams were Bob Jutzi with Mike Wiley, Steve Sims and Terry Lynch, Ned and Rutledge Workman, plus Eric and Kristin Strand. Although the fish don’t seem to cooperate often for the tournament, we always look forward to the event as a reunion of sorts for team members.  The weeds, especially the dreaded “Parrot Feather” continue to thrive, there was no mention of grass carp sightings, although at least two small rock bass were caught. Later that day Danny Owens caught a six pound bass, the next Friday Bill Jones hooked an eight pounder, brother Dan is credited with netting it.  Just like the fish from the tournament, these were released to swim another day.  The majority of bass caught in Lake Lanier are 10 inches or less, with an occasional Big Bass. 

The rules, results and photos of this and past year’s tournaments are the Internet, click here.


Good Fishing, Stu Davidson